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1 1/2" Fireclay Sink Waste

1 1/2" Fireclay Sink Waste

Quick and simple to install, our range of Sink Wastes are suitable for most standard Kitchen sinks with a 1  1/2" connection. Manufactured from quality materials with a traditional smooth Chrome plated finish, threaded brass body and including a PVC plug mechanism

Available in Plastic un-slotted, Brass un-slotted & Brass un-slotted

Part NumbersDescriptionBox qty
CXP5333Plastic un-slotted 1 1/2" Fireclay Sink Waste (As Illustrated)10
CXP5335Brass slotted 1 1/2" Fireclay Sink Waste (Not Shown)10
CXP5337Brass un-slotted 1 1/2" Fireclay Sink Waste (Not Shown)10

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